🐦 Rose robin

### What is this?

I help you subscribe to quotes (and replies) to a tweet. Mention @roserobinapp in reply to a tweet with the keyword "watch" and I will send you a link to follow updates to the tweet. Here is an example: What is the most important career lesson, 2018 taught you?

### How is this different to replies on Twitter?

  1. You will get quotes of the tweet as well. This is missing on Twitter.
  2. You can subscribe to new replies/quotes of the tweet via RSS or desktop notifications.

### What are the Limits?

  1. The tweet you are subscribing to cannot be older than 2 days.
  2. You can only subscribe to 3 tweets/day. (Want more? Get a friend to subscribe or check replies for existing subscription).
  3. I will stop checking for updates to a tweet after pulling 500 quotes and replies or after 3 days.

### Is there a terms or privacy policy I can see?

Yes. There is something in simple english here

### How do I reach you?

@roserobinapp duh. My dm is also open.