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🐦 Rose robin

Sara Ownbey Chipps

What are the apps that make you a better person?

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Kristy Tillman

@SaraJChipps Twitter

Brock Kimora Face 2020

@SaraJChipps mozz sticks

KJ Prince

There is no app that can make you a better person ... But @Headspace comes closest Also like: @calm @wakingupcourse <quoted tweet>

Igor Zevaka

@SaraJChipps Clear - for all my shopping needs TrainingPeaks/GarminConnect - for my running training.

Corey _/)

@SaraJChipps YouTube

Jon Gallant

@SaraJChipps The one that turns on my espresso machine. Serious answer: Kindle helps.

Surfboard C

@SaraJChipps @anildash Non (Meditation app)

Mike Davidson

This is a really good question, and I feel like the answer is... none? 😬 <quoted tweet>

Matthew Hackling

@SaraJChipps it's the people on the apps that make me better. discovering new diverse viewpoints has challenged my worldview and made me more kind.


@SaraJChipps @anildash Second @Headspace or @calm also, @happier

? poi{0x0F.CKS}

@SaraJChipps A retro app called the outdoors

Adam DeAngelis

@SaraJChipps USPS tracking.


twitter. right? <quoted tweet>

John Opferkuch

@SaraJChipps @anildash Guac and chips.

We shouldn't steal Venezuela's oil.

@SaraJChipps Signal because you can talk to your mom and your mom wants to hear from you.


@SaraJChipps daylio!

Luke Millar

@SaraJChipps Audible?

Megan Risdal 👾

@SaraJChipps AllTrails 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏔

Katya Kotlyar

@SaraJChipps @anildash the one that makes phonecalls

Library Penguin, today 📚

What a question... So many implications. And yet... currently? Libby, Goodreads, Fitocracy, Duolingo, Stitcher, Tasty, and Tattoodo are all keeping me going, and keeping me curious. <quoted tweet>

freia lobo

@SaraJChipps Headspace, Duolingo, Talkspace, NYT Cooking + Crossword, YouTube, Reddit (last 2 because of the people/communities I follow)

Dan Johns

@SaraJChipps Libby


@SaraJChipps Kindle for my brain. Simple Habits for my mind. Keep (by Google) so I don't lose my mind. Google calendar so I'm never late for meetings or carpool. Alexa (where my music as grocery list live). Duolingo cuz Italy is happening soon.

Courtney Imbert

@SaraJChipps Insight Timer. Routinist.

Kelani Nichole

@SaraJChipps MyFitnessPal helped me transform my body six years ago. Grateful for what it taught me!

Ogi Senić

@SaraJChipps @anildash The apps I keep closed

Daniel and 10 others

@SaraJChipps Throwing my phone into a pit of lava and taking a vacation.

Jason Westrope

@SaraJChipps @anildash Airplane mode


@SaraJChipps Kobo. Reading something other than twitter.

Austin Matthew Scholl

@SaraJChipps Waking Up with @SamHarrisOrg

People's Republic of Tryna Chill??

@SaraJChipps Have you tried twitter dot com

Anders Tornblad

@SaraJChipps @AmazonKindle @udemy @YouTube @TEDx - anything where I can learn new things, get new perspectives

Don McCurdy

@SaraJChipps Pocket, AllTrails, Overcast, IA Writer

Chirayu Patel

@SaraJChipps @anildash leaning apps like @brilliantorg @khanacademy , Brain Games such as @ElevateLabs @peaklabs @Lumosity (it also has meditation feature) and @pocketcasts (Podcast App) for keeping me informed on varied curious topics.

Elrond Hubbard

@SaraJChipps BlockSite Chrome extension blocks sites when I need to work. Todoist organizes my todos.

Jon Mooallem

Jalapeño poppers <quoted tweet>

Ben Klaus

@SaraJChipps Duolingo

Bridge🍅Tunnel Jeff

@SaraJChipps @anildash Google Calendar.

Stefan Hayden 📎

@SaraJChipps Aloebud <quoted tweet>

Ben Gracewood

@SaraJChipps Happyfeed.

Carl Morris

@SaraJChipps www, an app on a device called the Internet

Joel Grus

@SaraJChipps Google Maps gives me navigational superpowers

Lucas Coelho

@SaraJChipps I can think of a few here on my phone @Habitifyapp @Headspace @audible_com @gyroscope_app @goodreads @NotionHQ @OvercastFM